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Game Dev Tycoon's achievement list can be accessed by pressing ESC (in PC version) and click on achievements. As of May 3rd, 2013, there are a total of 32 achievements listed.

​Achievement List


Good Judgement Create a game with good theme/genre combination.
Cult Status Set a new standard for the early gaming industry.
100K Engine Invest over 100K in a new game engine.
500K Engine Invest over 500K in a new game engine.
1M Engine Invest over one million in a new game engine.
Gold Sell half a million copies of a game without the help of a publisher.
Platinum Sell one million copies of a game without the help of a publisher.
Diamond Sell ten million copies of a game without the help of a publisher.
Unobtainium (seriously?) Sell one hundred million copies of a game without the help of a publisher.  This excludes MMOs.
Professional Reach level 5 with a character.
Legend Reach level 10 with a character.
Diversity Have a male and female staff.
Famous Hire someone famous.
Full House Have the maximum number of employees.
Game Dev Tycoon Finish Game Dev Tycoon.
Perfect Game Release a game with a clean score of 10.
Versatile Release a successful game in each of the five main genres.
Writer's Block Naming games is sometimes difficult.
Supporter Support a young start-up. Buy the game.
Detective Find at least one of the easter eggs in the game.
Treasure Hunter Activate the hidden treasure in the garage. (Easter Egg)
Bluehair Reporting for Space Duty Little known fact: Cats go all aggro in space. (Easter Egg)
Eat Cake Show them red barrels some action. (Easter Egg)
Inception Develop the game within the game. (Easter Egg)
Fan Pick an inspired company name. (Easter Egg)
Admirer Fun fact: We almost named our company Megaflop Productions! (Easter Egg)
The Sky is not the Limit Welcome back Chris. We've missed you. (Easter Egg)
Welcome to Mars How did I get here? Why is there a chainsaw? Who cares! (Easter Egg)
Best ride to work ever Workplace saftey anyone? (Easter Egg)
Welcome to your Hospital Patients are reminded not to die in the corridors. (Easter Egg)
Welcome Chief This world is round but different. (Easter Egg)
Painting with nature. Pay homage to a specific Japanese video game (Easter Egg) 
Turn it up to 11 Get a reviewer to give a 11/10 rating (Easter Egg)

Easter EggsEdit

Spoilers for Game Dev Tycoon follow.

The following lists shows how to get the Easter eggs discovered so far.

(The Easter Egg's with the Game-Names are depending on the poster, which are in your studio. The garage has Pong, the second building has Wing Commander and Doom before office renovation, Half-Life and Theme Hospital after renovation, and Halo, Star Citizen, and Okami after the R&D Lab is opened. Genre/Topic doesn't matter.)

Easter Egg Condition
Eat Cake Dave johnson, the head of a company named departure science, will ask you to include red explosive barrels in your games. Make an action game with red barrels included and he will offer you a cake.
Turn it up to 11 Get a reviewer to give a 11/10 rating (Easter Egg)
Treasure Hunter Create a game with the name "Pong". Only works in garage.
Bluehair reporting for space duty Create a game with the name "Wing Commander". Only works at the second building before renovation.
Welcome to Mars Create a game with the name "Doom". Only works at the second office before renovation.
Welcome to your Hospital Create a game with the name "Theme Hospital". Only works at the second office after renovation.
Best ride to work ever Create a game with the name "Half-Life". Only works at the second office after renovation.
The Sky is not the Limit Create a game with the name "Star Citizen". Works after unlocking the R&D Lab.
Welcome Chief Create a game with the name "Halo". Works after unlocking the R&D Lab.
Painting with nature. Create a game with the name "Okami", Works after unlocking the R&D Lab.
Inception Create a Game Dev/Simulation game with the name "Game Dev Tycoon"
Admirer Call your company "Greenheart Games".
Writer's Block Don't name your game for a minute
Fan Name your company after an existing games company. Full list of names :
0verflow 1st Playable Productions 2.0 Studios
2D Boy 2K Czech 2XL Games
343 Studios 38 Studios 3DO
3G Studios 3G Studios 42 Entertainment
4A Games 4D Rulers Software 5pb. Inc.
5th Cell 989 Studios A2M
Access Games Acclaim Entertainment Accolade
ACE Team ACE Team Acheron Design
Acquire Active Gaming Media Activision
Activision Blizzard Adventure Soft Akella
Aki Corporation Aldorlea Games Alec Holowka
Alfa System Almost Human Amanita Design
Amaranth Games Ambrosia Software Ancient
Anino Games Appmania AQ Interactive
Arc System Works ArenaNet Arika
Arkane Studios Arkedo Studio Artdink
ArtePiazza Artificial Mind and Movement Artificial Studios
Artix Entertainment Artoon Ascaron
Asobo Studio Aspect Aspyr Media
Atari Atlus Atomic Planet Entertainment
Attic Entertainment Software Avalanche Software Avalanche Studios
Aventurine SA Babaroga Babaroga
Backbone Entertainment Banpresto Basilisk Games
BattleGoat Studios Bauhaus Entertainment Beenox
Behemoth, The Benjamin Rivers Bethesda
Bethesda Softworks Big Blue Bubble Big Finish Games
Big Huge Games Binary Hammer BioWare
Bioware Bit Blot Bizarre Creations
Black Rock Studio Blitz Games Studios Blitz Games Studios
Blizzard Blizzard Entertainment Blossomsoft
Blue Byte Software Blue Fang Games Blue Fang Games
Bohemia Interactive Bohemia Interactive Studio Boomzap Entertainment
Bplus Br\u00f8derbund BreakAway Games
Broderbund Broken Rules Brownie Brown
BSure Interactive Bubble Gum Interactive Bugbear Entertainment
Buka Entertainment Bullfrog Bullfrog Productions
Bungie Studios Capcom Capybara Games
Caravel Games Castle Thorn Cave
Cavia Cazap CCP Games
CD Projekt RED Centuri Chedburn Networks Limited
Christopher Howard Wolf Chronic Logic Chunsoft
Cinemaware Cing Cing
Cit\u00e9r\u00e9mis Clap Hanz Climax Entertainment
Climax Studios ClockStone Software Cloud Imperium
cly5m Coded Illusions Codemasters
Coffee Stain Studios Coktel Vision ColdWood Interactive
ColdWood Interactive Compile Heart Core Design
Crafts & Meister Creat Studios Creative Assembly
Criterion Games Cryptic Studios Crystal Dynamics
Crytek Crytek Black Sea Cyanide
CyberConnect2 Cyberlore Studios Daniel Benmergui
Dark Water Studios Day 1 Studios Deadline Games
Deck13 Deep Silver Dejobaan Games
Demiurge Studios Derek Yu Digital Eel
Digital Illusions Dimps Disney Interactive Studios
Double Fine Productions Double Helix Games Dovogame
Dreadlocks Ltd Dynamite Idea EA Games
Edmund McMillen Egosoft Eidos Interactive
Electronic Arts Elite Gudz Elixir Studios
Engine Software Epic Games Epicenter Studios
Epyx Erik Sved\u00e4ng Ethereal Darkness Interactive
Etranges Libellules Eugen Systems Eurocom
Eurocom Evolution Studios Evony
Exotypos F4 Facepunch Studios
FarSight Studios Fatshark feelplus
Ferry Halim Random Ass Games Firefly Studios
Firefly Studios First Star Software Flagship Games
Flashbang Studios Flying Lab Software Flying Lab Software
Foundation 9 Entertainment Free Radical Design Freebird Games
Frictional Games Frictional Games Frogwares
From Software Frontier Developments Frontier Developments
Frozenbyte FUN Labs Funcom
Futuremark Gaijin Games Game Arts
Game Freak GameHouse GameLab
Gameloft Games2win GarageGames
Gearbox Software Genki Giants Software
Gogii Games Gogii Games Good-Feel
Grasshopper Manufacture Grasshopper Manufacture Gravity
Grey Alien Games Griptonite Games GSC Game World
Guerrilla Games Guild Software GungHo Online Entertainment
Gust Corporation Haemimont Games Haemimont Games
HAL Laboratory Hanaho Hanako Games
Harmonix Music Systems Hasbro Interactive HB Studios
Hemisphere Games HeroCraft High Moon Studios
High Voltage Software Himalaya Studios Hoplon Infotainment
Hothead Games Housemarque Hudson Soft
Human Head Studios Humongous Entertainment Hyperion Entertainment
id Software Idea Factory Ignition Entertainment
IguanaBee IguanaBee Imageepoch
Incredible Technologies indieszero Infinity Ward
Infogrames Infrogrames Insomniac Games
Insomniac Games Intelligent Systems Interplay Entertainment
Introversion Introversion Software Introversion Software
InvisibleInkStudios IO Interactive Irem
Iron Tower Studio Irrational Games Irrgheist
Jadestone Group Jagex Jagex
Jaleco Jason Rohrer Javaground
Jonas Kyratzes JoWood Jph Wacheski
Juice Games Jupiter JV Games
KatGames Klei Entertainment Klei Entertainment
Kloonigames Koei Konami
Krillbite Krome Studios Kuju Entertainment
Kuma Reality Games Kush Games Laminar Research
Larian Studios Legacy Interactive Legendo Entertainment
Level-5 Level-5 Lexaloffle
Lionhead Studios Little Green Men Games Llamasoft
Llamasoft Longbow Digital Arts Looking Glass Studios
Lucas Arts LucasArts Ludia
Luma Arcade Luxoflux M-Inverse
M-Inverse Mad Genius Software Majesco Entertainment
Mangled Eye Studios Marvelous Entertainment Massive Entertainment
Masthead Studios Mattel Maxis Software
Mean Hamster Software Media Molecule Media.Vision
Mercury Steam Metanet Software Microsoft Game Studios

my mom

Milestone Milestone S.r.l.
Mind Control Software Mistwalker Mitchell Corporation
Mojang Mojang AB Monolith Productions
Monolith Soft Monumental Games Moonpod
Mousechief Mythic Entertainment n-Space
Namco Bandai Natsume Naughty Dog
NCsoft Ndoors Neowiz
Nerve Software NetDevil Neverland
Neversoft New Star Games Nexon
Next Level Games NGD Studios NHN
Nicalis Nifflas Nihon Bussan
Nihon Falcom Ninjabee Nintendo
Nippon Ichi Software Nival Interactive Nokia
Novalogic Novarama Number None
Obsidian Obsidian Ent. Obsidian Entertainment
Oddworld Inhabitants OmniSystems Origin
Origin Systems OTS Software Oxygen Studios
Page 44 Studios Paladin Studios Pandemic Studios
Paon Papaya Studio Paradox Interactive
Parallax Studio Pax Softnica Pendulo Studios
Penguin Software People Can Fly Petroglyph
Phantagram Pi Studios Pieces Interactive
Piranha Bytes Pivotal Games PixelJAM Games
Platinum Games Playdead Playdead
Playdom Playshit Playboy
Playlogic Entertainment Playtechtonics Pocketwatch Games
Polyphony Digital PopCap Games Positech Games
Private Moon Studios Pronto Games Prorattafactor
Provox games PST Team Psyonix Studios
Punch Entertainment Punch Entertainment Pyro Studios
Q Entertainment Q-Games Q-Games
Quantic Dream Queasy Games Radical Entertainment
Rainbow Studios Rapist Studios Raven Software
Re-logic Reality Pump Studios realtech VR
Realtime Associates Realtime Worlds Red Storm Entertainment
RedLynx Redtribe Reflexive Entertainment
Reflexive Entertainment Relentless Software Relic Entertainment
Remedy Entertainment Renegade Kid Retro Studios
Reverge Labs Revolution Software Rising Star Games
Rockstar Games Rockstar North Rocksteady Studios
Ronimo Games Rovio Entertainment Ruffian Games
Runic Games Running with Scissors S2 Games
Saber Interactive Sandlot Games Santa Cruz Games
Santa Cruz Games Sarbakan SCE Studio Liverpool
Scientifically Proven Secret Exit Seed Studios
Sega Sidhe Sierra
Silicon Knights Silicon Sisters Silicon Studio
Silver Creek Entertainment Ska Studios SNK Playmore
Snowblind Studios Snowstep Development Sobee Studios
Software 2000 Soldak Entertainment Sonic Team
Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment America Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Sora Ltd. Source Studio Spectrum HoloByte
Spellborn International Spiderweb Software Splash Damage
Square Enix Star Vault Starbreeze Studios
Stardock Sting Entertainment Stoic Studio
Storm Impact Strawdog Studios Straylight Studios
Streamline Studios Studio Pixel Subatomic Studios
Sucker Punch Productions Sumo Digital Sunflowers
Supergiant Games SuperVillain Studios SuperVillain Studios
Swedish Game Development Swing Swing Submarine Swingin' Ape Studios
Tag Games Taito Corporation Take-Two Interactive
Tale of Tales Tale of Tales Tale of Tales
TaleWorlds TaleWorlds TaleWorlds
Tamsoft Tamsoft Tantalus Media
Tantalus Media Tantrumedia Tantrumedia
Team Shanghai Alice Team17 Team17
TeamTNT Techland Techland
Tecmo Koei Tecmo Koei Telltale Games
Telltale Games Terminal Reality Terminal Reality
thatgamecompany The Behemoth The Bitmap Brothers
The Odd Gentlemen TheorySpark THQ
THQ Three Rings Design Three Rings Design
Three Rings Design TimeGate Studios TimeGate Studios
Torpex Games Torpex Games Torpex Games
Torus Games Torus Games Tose
Tose Trade Games International Transmission Games
Trapdoor Trapdoor Traveller's Tales
Traveller's Tales Trendy Entertainment Treyarch
Treyarch Tri-Ace Tri-Ace
Tribetoy Tripwire Interactive Tripwire Interactive
Triumph Studios Triumph Studios Turn 10 Studios
Turn 10 Studios Two Tribes Two Tribes
Tygron Tygron Tyler Glaiel
Ubisoft Ubisoft uCool
Ultimate Play The Game Ultimate Play The Game United Front Games
United Front Games Universomo Universomo
Unreal Software Valve Valve Corporation
Valve Corporation Vanillaware Vanillaware
Venan Entertainment Venan Entertainment Vertigo Games
Vertigo Games Vicarious Visions Vicarious Visions
Ville M\u00f6nkk\u00f6nen Virtual Heroes Virtual Playground
Virtual Playground Visceral Games Visceral Games
Vivendi Games Vivendi Games Viwawa
Viwawa Vlambeer Volition
W!Games W!Games Wahoo Studios
Wahoo Studios Wanako Games Wanako Games
Wangame Studios Wangame Studios WayForward Technologies
WB Games WB Games Webfoot Technologies
Webfoot Technologies Wideload Games Wideload Games
Wildfire Studios Wildfire Studios Wolfire Games
Wolfire Games Wolfire Games World Forge
World Forge XMG Studio Xseed Games
Xseed Games YoYo Games YoYo Games
Yuke's Yuke's Zachary Barth
ZapSpot ZapSpot ZeniMax
Zipper Interactive Zipper Interactive Zoetrope Interactive
Zoonami ZootFly Zylom
Zylom Zynga Black Isle

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