• Hker731

    New update and platform

    December 7, 2017 by Hker731

    hello fans of game dev tycoon,

    the new platform for game dev tycon is ios and the new update as so close

    view notice here

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  • MelodyJackson1209

    My life

    May 22, 2016 by MelodyJackson1209

    my life has been pretty rouch this year but i thought why not write a blog about my life.

    I dont remember much of my childhood because i was always alone and had just 1 friend on high school my life went a little better i was making more friends and i was happy about that i met great people second year of high school the begining went well but january 16 My mom died from a heart atttack at the age of 41. when it happend i didnt really know wht to do so i just whent on whit my school and i wa in a pretty rough time but thing became better i learnd to talk about it and share my feelings yesterday i had to put down our dog we had since 2011 she was old and sick she threw up a lot and whent to a lot of pain so this was the best for her so that …

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    Hi. I have watched videos/Let's Plays of Game Dev Tycoon and would love to play it, but I do not have the money. I will not pirate it, and so I have to ask a favor for anyone who has the game. I'd like it if someone could make the following game in-game for me and see the reviews/results. How much does the game make, and how is it received?

    A AAA Fantasy RPG for Mature audiences on the Playsystem 4 and mBox One. The graphics used are the highest 3D graphics available to you, with orchestral soundtrack and surround sound. It should have advanced cutscenes, immersive story telling and reactive quests, with advanced physics and the ability to save. Skill trees are part of the gameplay, with voice overs and advanced body language. The world des…

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  • Usyler

    2nd office

    November 30, 2014 by Usyler

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  • Usyler

    Starting Out...

    November 26, 2014 by Usyler

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  • Texyl

    Should I Go For It?

    October 11, 2014 by Texyl

    So, I've heard a lot about Game Dev Tycoon, and I've heard good reviewes, some bad reviews, ProJared actually did a One Minute Review of it, I'll leave a link of it at the bottom of my post. I kept looking for reviews to help me decide if I should buy the game. I also heard that it is coming out on ios, and I'll probably download/buy it when it comes on. My internet connection is not very responsive on my PC, so I can't get Game Dev Tycoon on Steam. So, I want you guys to tell me if I should get it or not.

    -Texyl (aka Chris)

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  • Scholle1310

    first day

    August 30, 2013 by Scholle1310

    the first day is over :D

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  • Huffpuff1337

    This is a small guide on how to earn millions of money in your first few years to really get your company off the ground. First we're gonna need to set some requirements.

    1. A nice wad of cash (250-500k should do).

    2. The Fantasy Topic.

    3. Researched Custom Game Engines.

    4. Researched Target Audience.

    5. Knowledge of the original Legend of Zelda game.

    6. Some common sense.

    7. A save file of where you're currently at.

    So, you've released a few good games (and maybe some bad ones) and you know the basics. Imagine the game in your head, and put it on the game with the guidelines given. The reason you need so much money is because as soon as the Gameling is announced, you're gonna want to pour tons of money into a Custom Game Engine. Not too much mind…

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  • Mrwatermelon99

    This happens to all of us 10/10 10/10 10/10 and then motherfucking All Games comes alog and gives you a 9/10 I fucking hate All Games!

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  • Echo1scout


    July 17, 2013 by Echo1scout


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  • Cokedragon

    Admin Chat

    May 10, 2013 by Cokedragon

    The admins will need to come on chat to discuss things from time to time, as chat may well be the most efficient way to get things going in the background. If all admins can, please respond in the comments with what time you can come on (in UTC please) so a good time can be scheduled for chat every so often.

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