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Conventions are annual events that boost the hype of whatever game you have in development, also they increase the sale of any "MMO"s or "Console"s you have on sale.

They are very helpful in keeping your MMO profitable while you work on expansions.

The effects of conventions are based on the amount of visitors you receive, which in turn, is based on your fans (and in the case of G3, minorly based on the size of your booth). 

Running your own conventionEdit

Running your own convention is a research option in the R&D lab. A convention will boost the hype of any game you have in development, as well as anything you have for sale, including increasing the sale of your MMOs and your consoles if you have them. You can research it repeatedly. However, any researched in the same year do not count. 

Functions the same as G3 except for booth size constraints and primarily goes from your current fanbase. You typically see fanbase x .10 - .20 , but can vary depending on certain aspects that are currently being tracked down in the raw data.

A custom convention replaces G3.


G3, a parody of the real life E3, is an annual event. Each year at the beginning of M5 W1, you will be prompted to purchase a booth for the convention which will occur at the beginning of M6 W2 (which is close to when E3 normally occurs). The booths are priced at 80K, 500K, or 1.5M for small, medium, or large booths respectively. Also, if you do not have enough money that year to attend or simply don't want to, simply click the "X" on the top right hand corner to exit the pop-up. There are no known penalties other than losing potential hype, but that is better than going bankrupt.

If you have a smaller amount of fans, say 40,000 then you do not need to spend 1.5M on the large booth. It doesn't add fans or hype. Only buy the size that you need. If you only have 2 million dollars and 100,000 fans, it will not hurt you to have a smaller booth, meaning that you won't lose fans. However, you will NOT receive the same amount of hype. This is not supported by the raw data.

G3 Convention Booth SizeEdit

Small (80k) < 40,000
Medium (500K) 40,000 - 100,000
Large (1.5M) > 100,000