Efficiency bars on employees.

Efficiency is the ability of members of staff in a company to output any of their work. Depending on the increasing level of a staff member, their efficiency will decrease slower. Using Boost will increase a staff member's efficiency for the duration of the boost, but will lead to the efficiency bar lowering as soon as the boost is over. AAA games tend to have the greatest toll on a staff member's efficiency. Completion of a single AAA game should be followed by giving all involved staff members a vacation if they did not take one over the course of development.

There are 2 main reasons an efficiency bar can appear:

1. Overworking Edit

When staff has worked for a long time, their efficiency will go down. A bar will appear and it will start to shrink the longer your staff are working without a vacation. You can give your staff members a vacation by clicking on them and clicking "Send On Vacation...". If the efficiency bar was low enough prior to the staff member being sent on vacation, as soon as the efficiency bar is filled, they will return from their vacation. If their bar was too high, they will stay out on vacation until the minimum amount of weeks of vacation (4 weeks).

2. New staff Edit

When a new staff member joins your company, their efficiency(bar) will be on it's lowest point. You can fill their bar by either giving them work to do, or giving them the 'staff welcoming traning'. All your other staff members will also have a big efficiency penalty, although they do not have a 'staff welcoming training' available.