Ninvento GS (Nintendo DS)

Company: Ninvento
Best Audience: Young
License Cost: 350K
Development Cost: 50K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y13 M8 W4  Y15 M10 W1  Y18 M9 W3
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
To the end  To the end  To the end

The GS is the sixth platform release by Ninvento. The GS is the indirect succespetition from the grPhone and grPad by Grapple, having higher marketshare than those devices by endgame. However, the GS is not as popular as the mPad by Mirconoft.

The GS has no strong competitors at the time of release. It has a moderate marketshare when released.

The appearance of the GS stays the same throughout the game; not updating to the more modern DS Lite, DSi and the 3DS. The picture always remains the same as the original DS.

Target AudienceEdit

Well-fitting: Young (x1)

Non-fitting: Everyone (x0.7), Mature (x0.6)

Industry NewsEdit

  • "Rumours are spreading that Ninvento is working on a new game console. Most of the rumours state that it is not a successor to the somewhat disappointing Game Sphere but instead a new console in the mobile market. Ninvento's Gameling has been leading the mobile market thanks to numerous updates and a large list of very popular games available on the platform, but the hardware is aging quickly and many players wonder what will be next." - Year 13, Month 2, Week 1
  • "Today, Ninvento has announced a new mobile console called the Ninvento GS. It features two screens, one of them touch sensitive, and promises unique gameplay. While Ninvento has been struggling to regain their market lead ever since the TES 64 they still have a very strong position on the mobile market. The Ninvento GS promises to strengthen this position and aims to breath life into a stagnating mobile market. The console will be in stores next month." - Year 13 Month 8 Week 1