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Game Dev Tycoon is a game development simulation game for PC (Windows, Linux) and Macintosh developed and (self-)published Greenheart Games. It was released on Steam on August 29th, 2013.


Game Dev Tycoon involves its player developing games, with the choice of game titles, game topics, game genres, custom game engines, and what platform the player will be developing for. Games go through three stages of development, which can be variably long depending on what size game it is (small, medium, large, or AAA) as well as if it is an MMO (accessible only for large and AAA games). While games are being developed, they acquire bugs which will be fixed at the end of the game's development. After a game is completed (as the player sees fit), they are able to publish the game for points on leveling up engine parts and players, and get reviews. Reviews are based on good ratios of technology and design points in a game, as well as topic-genre matches, and trend matches.

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