Game Genres are general categories for games that define how many game points are needed in design and technology by the completion of the game development process.

Each game that you enter into development will need to have a genre. The Genre is very important for where you will place your sliders during game development.

You will start out with five genres, and will earn access to research Casual early in the game.


As you progress through the game (after Year 12 Month 8) you will be able to research Multi-Genre games. This will allow you to create a game while selecting two of the genres together to create a specialized genre.

Certain Topics can only be a "Great Combo" with one genre (for example, Pirate can only be paired with Adventure). Even after researching Multi-Genre, you can still create a game with only one genre by simply leaving one of the boxes empty, allowing you to still get "Great Combo" with such topics.


A Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) is a late-game genre. It uses one or two genres as a building block, and derives its preferred technological and design focuses from the base genre. Any genre, or combination of genres, can be a base for a MMO.

It will never automatically go off the market, instead continuing to sell until removed by the player. This advantage is counterbalanced by the maintenance costs of an MMO, that will gradually outweigh the profit, causing the player to lose money, unless they rejuvenate the MMO through an expansion pack or utilize the temporary increase on sales from a convention. 

Game Genre ListEdit

Below is the current listing of genres. The game begins without the Casual genre, and it is later (Year 3 Month 11) unlocked for research.