The garage

This is the area where you first start developing games. There is only room for one employee, which is you the CEO. After reaching 1M dollars and reaching Year 4 or Year 5, you are offered an upgrade to an Office. The easiest way, as said by the game, is to make a hit game (The game should have all 9's or 10's about.)


The garage is a very small space, composed of only a computer and a workbench, with a parked DeLorean that is partially covered up with a cloth.

Easter EggsEdit

  • When you first start up the game, the introduction text states that "you have been transported back in time to start your very own game development company right at the beginning of the PC revolution." The car in your garage is a DeLorean, a reference to the 1980's film franchise, Back to the Future.
  • In the garage develop a game and call it "Pong", once the game is made you will get an achievement called Treasure Hunter and the poster of Pong will start playing it self for a few seconds