Mbox 360 (Xbox 360)

MBox 360
Company: Mirconoft
Best Audience: Mature
License Cost: 500K
Development Cost: 80K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y16 M8 W4  Y19 M4 W1  Y22 M11 W4
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y24 M2 W3  Y27 M12 W4  Y33 M5 W3

The mBox 360 is the second console released by publisher and hardware manufacturer Mirconoft. It is preceded by the MBox , and superceded by the MBox One. The MBox series last appearance ingame is the MBox Next. The Xbox 360 is the real-life counterpart to the mBox 360.

The mBox 360 is released before its main rivals, the Playsystem 3 by Vonny and Nuu by Ninvento. It is the most popular console available between its release and the release of the Playsystem 3.

Target MarketEdit

Best-Fitting: Everyone (x1.3), Mature (x1.2). 

Well-Fitting: Young (x1)

Industry NewsEdit

  • "Industry experts predict that we will see the next generation of video game consoles as early as next year. 'The hardware advancements in the PC industry have not been reflected in gaming consoles yet and we can expect the next generation to be a truly exciting leap forward.' According to rumours, both Mirconoft and Vonny are in a race to introduce the next-generation console, with Mirconoft apparently already collaborating with partners to prepare titles for what is called the 'mBox 360.'" - Year 15, Month 10, Week 3
  • "Today, Mirconoft presented their new console called the mBox 360. It is the first in the next generation of expected consoles, and features hardware rivaling mid-end PC counterparts. With a relatively cheap purchase price, Mirconoft will be selling the device at a loss as part of a long-term strategy to gain market share. Gamers around the world are excited by the new console and it is predicted that the mBox 360 will have a massive impact on the console market." - Year 16 Month 5 Week 3

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