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PC (Personal Computer)

Company: Various
Best Audience: Mature
License Cost: None
Development Cost: 5K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y1 M1 W1  Y1 M1 W1  Y1 M1 W1
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
To the end  To the end  To the end

The PC is one of the only two platforms available at the start of the game. It's also the only platform to last the entire game, and remains the cheapest to develop for throughout. Although its early popularity decreases some with the arrival of consoles for a few years, the PC has no licensing costs and maintains a fair marketshare for the entire game.

Unlike other platforms, the strength of the PC lies in it being non-proprietary and having an open architecture. Any company can develop components for the PC and any company can assemble and sell PCs. There are no licensing fees or royalties for either hardware manufacturers or for software developers. As a result, new technology is easily added without having to release a new platform (although to a far lesser extent in the case of laptops). When one component manufacturer goes under, others are there to continue on. This explains the low development cost and lifespan of the platform.


  • First PC
  • Second PC
  • Final PC


  • The first version of the image used for the PC in the game closely resembles multiple old IBM home computers which were somewhat popular before the C64 release, but they lost popularity afterwards, as seen in-game based on the market shares of the C64/G64 and the PC during this stage of the PC, although the PC does regain its marketshare eventually during this stage, but it is already near its next stage.
  • The second version of the PC in-game closely resembles popular Windows 95/98-based Dell computers.
  • The final PC image resembles a Dell that ran popular Windows 7/Vista.
  • The PC in game (and also G64) are the only systems (save for a Custom Console) that support Adventure games fully, at +++. All other consoles are less, ranging from ++ to ---.

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