Playsystem 3 (Sony Playstation 3)

Company: Vonny
Best Audience: Everyone
License Cost: 500K
Development Cost: 80K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y17 M12 W4  Y20 M10 W4  Y24 M10 W2
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y24 M9 W3  Y28 M9 W1  Y34 M3 W2

The Playsystem 3 is the fourth console released by Vonny, and the third in the Playsystem series. It is the successor to the Playsystem 2 and is superceded by the Playsystem 4. The console is based on the Playstation 3 by Sony.

The console's main rivals are the mBox 360 by Mirconoft and the Nuu by Ninvento.

The Playsystem 3 has a successful market share (like the previous two Playsystem Consoles released.) The Playsystem has the highest marketshare of its generation.

Target AudienceEdit

Best-fitting: Everyone (x1.3), Mature (x1.2)

Well-fitting: Young (x1)

Industry NewsEdit

  • "Industry experts predict that we will see the next generation of video game consoles as early as next year. 'The hardware advancements in the PC industry have not been reflected in gaming consoles yet and we can expect the next generation to be a truly exciting leap forward.' According to rumours, both Mirconoft and Vonny are in a race to introduce the next-generation console, with Mirconoft apparently already collaborating with partners to prepare titles for what is called the 'mBox 360'" - Year 15, Month 10, Week 3
  • "Today, Vonny has announced the successor to the massively successful Playsystem 2. The new console is predictably called 'Playsystem 3' and comes with an impressive hardware configuration, making it the most powerful console in gaming history. The console also doubles as a player for BlueRay, which Vonny hopes will be the successor to the DVD format. All this power comes with a hefty price tag, also making the Playsystem 3 the most expensive console ever. We will see how consumers will react to this given the lower-cost alternatives; however, considering the massive success of the Playsystem 2, Vonny can be hopeful. The console is expected to ship later next year." - Year 17 Month 8 Week 4
  • "In what some call a bizarre show of arrogance Vonny representatives have been trash-talking Mirconoft's successful mBox 360 while praising their own upcoming Playsystem 3 in the lead-up to their launch later this month. Asked about the unusually high price of the Playsystem 3, a high-ranking company official replied, 'People will work more hours to buy one. We want people to feel that they want it more than anything else.'. We are not sure that players will really want it so badly, as, so far, no major game titles have been announced for the Playsystem 3. It might be a while before developers are able to take full advantage of the powerful new console." - Year 17 Month 12 Week 2