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Upgrade Security Event

These events happen randomly, after a certain time or after a milestone/specific action.

Garage StageEdit

Random EventsEdit

Event Conditions Dialogue Rewards Penalties
Hobby Computer Club
  • Only once
  • Before Y2
Hi, I'm Gordon Hench the host of the local hobby computer club. I just discovered that your company is close-by. I'm a huge fan of %Name of one of your games% and would love for you to join our meetup this week!

Eagerly awaiting your reply.


Hype: 8 - 13 Secrecy +1
Local Newspaper
  • Only once
  • Before Y2 M7
  • Currently developing a game
Hi, I'm Caroline Richards from the local news. I've heard rumors that you are already working on your next game and would love to do an interview about this. Do you have some time? Hype: 5 - 13 Secrecy +1
Piracy (Pirated Version)
  • Pirated the game
  • A game is currently on store shelves
Boss, it seems that while many players play our new game, they steal it by downloading a cracked version rather than buying it legally. If players don’t buy the games they like, we will sooner or later go bankrupt. Income: Lower N/A

Scripted EventsEdit

Event Conditions Dialogue Rewards Penalties
First Mature Game
  • Developing first game targeted at a mature audience
Hi, I'm Steve O'Connell, a reporter for Planet GG.

We've heard a rumor that your company is developing a game for mature audiences.

Would you be willing to give an interview about this?

  • Hype: 5 - 17
  • Secrecy reset to 0
Move to First Office
  • Cash > 1M
Congratulations! You have made quite a name for yourself and have saved up a lot of capital. If you want to grow the company further then moving into a new office is the next step. I've found the perfect office, situated in a technology park. Would you like to move your company to the next level? Moving to Office level 2 Repeat until accepted

Small Office Stage (Level 2) or laterEdit

Random events

Event Conditions Dialogue/Misc information Rewards Penalties
Improve Office Security
  • Can happen more than once
  • Staff >= 2, including Manager
Hi Boss! I have a knack for security and I think we could really do with some security upgrades in our office. I have done some research and I think with an investment of 50K we would be a lot safer than we're now. What do you say?
  • Decrease in productivity of the staff
Women in Technology Hi Boss! A friend of mine is greatly involved in an organization which aims to get more women into technology. They are looking for a sponsor and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for us.

Would you like to help out?

  • Pay 100K
  • Good +1
  • Evil +1
Nigerian scam 1
  • Only once
  • Past Y10
Dear esteemed sir/madame. I'm financial advisor to CEO at WOMOBA OIL LIMITED in Nigeria. I'm writing because I know of your high repute and trustworthiness. Our CEO has authorzied me to invest 2.5M in %Company Name%. We have deposited the amount at a safe bank and will transfer this money to you but the bank requires confirmation from you. If you wish to receive the funds you must transfer a one-time verification payment of 120K. I trust in you.

(Note: This message is intentionally riddled with random grammar mistakes.)

(Note: The company name is also mistaken. example: if company name is "computron" it would be "copmurton". Proof:

  • Paying 120K
  • Lower Efficiency
Patch required
  • Published at least 3 games
  • Fans > 100
  • Between 2 and 30 weeks since last release
  • Currently developing a game
  • More than 60 weeks since last patch event
  • At least one Bug remaining (either game not debuggued at all or bug appearing right when clicking finish) on last game released
Oh no! It seems that %latest game% had quite a few undiscovered bugs when we released it.

Some of our customers are having a bad time with this and they demand that we patch the game.

We could either spend the money and time to patch it or ignore their pleas. If you want to patch the game then click/touch on a character and use the action menu to develop a patch but make sure that you don't wait for too long.

Cost is : 10,000 + (5-20 % of %latest game% total development cost)

You immediately lose 10-30% of fans gained with that title.

  • Fans : +50% of fans lost

(Net loss of 5-15% of fans gained on last title)

Industrial Spy Topic
  • Past Y4
  • Researched 4 new topics
  • For it to happen a second time you must already have had "Industrial Sabotage" once as well
  • Cash > 0

Note : can also happen at level 1

This is a very special offer. Our agents have recently managed to 'borrow' some research information which might be of interest to you.

If you are interested then transfer %Cost% to the enclosed uplink location.

We'll contact you, Agent Blowfish

Cost is 5K-65K

  • Good +1
  • Secrecy +1
Industrial Sabotage
  • Past Y6
  • For it to happen a second time you must already have had "Industrial Spy Topic" once as well
  • Cash > 0

Note : can also happen at level 1

This is a very special offer. Our agents have recently managed to gain access to some critical systems of one of your competitors.

If you want to play war games then transfer %Cost% to the enclosed location and we'll initiate sabotage.,

Agent Blowfish

Cost is 50K-170K

  • Evil +1
  • Good +1

Air conditioner

  • Y7 M4 W3
Boss, it's way too hot in our office and the heat is starting to impact on our work. I've researched and found an air conditioner which would be perfect for us. It costs 90K. Should we order it?

If declined once, after random number of weeks:

Boss, the heat is becoming a serious problem. Just yesterday my mouse melted and my keyboard is covered in sweat. Not a good environment to work in. We really need an air conditioner. Unfortunately the previous offer has expired and we would need to pay 180K. Should we order it?

If declined again, after random number of weeks:

Boss, We've had enough and ordered the air conditioner ourselves. Thanks for nothing.

  • First time: pay 90K
  • Second time: pay 180K
  • Evil +2
Solar panels from EPA
  • Only once
  • Past Y12
  • Cash > 500K
I am an employee of the Environmental Protection Agency and have an offer for you. Your company has a high electrical footprint right now. If you would install solar panels you could decrease your footprint and save money in the long run. We would sponsor 50% of the costs which brings your investment to 200K! Would you like to install it?
  • Good +1
  • Pay 200K
  • Evil +1
Credit Card Stolen
  • Staff >= 2, including Manager
  • Cash >= 500K
  • Evil >= 2
  • Credit Card not stolen before
Boss, someone seems to have stolen our credit card information and used it to buy a lot of things in the past three months. Unfortunately we have lost (7% of total cash? - needs confirmation) -7% of total cash
Piracy (Not cracked version)
  • Staff >= 2, including Manager
  • Past Y5
  • Nothing pirated before
Boss, it seems that quite a few players use illegal copies of %Game Title%. I've managed to identify some of them. We could either sue them to defend our copyright or send them warnings to ask them to stop. What do you want to do?
  • Good +1
  • Fans+
  • Evil +1
  • Fans-
  • Cash+
Technology upgrade
  • Staff >= 2, including Manager
  • Past Y11 M6 W2
  • Cash >= 500K
  • More than 20 weeks after moving to level 2
Boss, we should invest some money into new office equipment. We lose a lot of time working with our old PCs.
  • Moving to Office level 3
  • Pay 150K
  • Unlock G3 training
Will ask again if you take down the offer
Move to Technology park
  • Staff >= 4, including Manager
  • Cash >= 16M
  • Past Y13 M9 W2
  • More than 20 weeks after moving to level 3
I've seen the perfect building for our new headquarters. It's not cheap but will us allow to grow even further. The new office also has space for additional expansions. Do you want to move? Repeated until accepted
Internal coding contest Boss, I think we could stage an internal coding contest! I think we could all learn a lot by doing this. As an incentive, we would need a prize for the winner (90K). We agreed that the prize would go to charity. Should we do it?
  • Staff being trained
  • Winner donates 90K to charity
Legal Department We have just received a letter from a company named 'All Your IP Belongs To Us' and they say that our engine %engine% is infringing on one of thief patients. They 'graciously offer a license of their patent for %~55x the original cost of the patent% and are willing to give us a 50% discount if we just pay and not face them in court. We can just pay and he they do not bother us again or we can refuse and face them in court to try and resolve this in front of courts. Alternatively we might be able to rally our fans and publicly fight them How would you like to pressed? (Note: it is a bit rare for this to happen) Gain 2000-40000 fans
  • Pay nothing
Forced payment (22.5x the original price)
  • Just paying it

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