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In Game Dev Tycoon different things can be unlocked, this article shows a list of unlocks, things that can be unlocked throughout the game.

Office LevelEdit

Office Level Available after Max Staff Description
Office Level 1 Start 1 (Manager) Garage
Office Level 2

Garage and 1 M.

5 (Manager + 4 Employees)

After Staff Management training

First Office
Office Level 3 Y11 M6 W2. When you are in Office 2, with two staff as well as 5 M. 5 (Manager + 4 Employees) The building doesn't actually change at that stage. This office upgrade is triggered by the "we should upgrade our PCs" dialogue
Office Level 4 Available after Y13 M9 W2. When you are in Office 3, with 4 staff. You also need 16M. 7 (Manager + 6 Employees) New Building
Hardware Lab After R&D Lab, this is unlocked by having a Technology Specialist. - Own Hardware Lab
R&D Lab Office 4, when you have at least one Design Specialist. - Research and development Lab

Move to new office notification shows again after 5 Months if the conditions are met

Custom Engine FeaturesEdit

See Custom Game Engine page

Special ResearchesEdit

Special Research Researchable after
Target Audience Target Audiences message = Y3 M1 W1
Casual Games Y3 M11 W1
Marketing Y4 M5 W2
Sequels Y8 M6
Multi Genre

Y12 M8

Expansion Pack

MMO researched and MMO Game is on Sale

Multi-Platform Multi-Genre researched, Y17 M2 W4

R&D Lab ResearchesEdit

R&D Lab Research Re
Custom Hardware

Have a Tech Specialist and an R&D Lab

Marketing Campaign Developing AAA Game

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