You can hire new employees when you're in an office (Out of the garage) by pressing the 'Fill Position' button.

You can then choose how much you want to spend on searching for staff (By adjusting the budget slider), and how you want to filter your possible staff. (Technology, Design, or Design and Technology)


The higher the budget set, the more options you will have for Staff members and the more skilled they will be.


  • Complex Algorithms: Technology
  • Game Demo: Design & Technology
  • Showreel: Design

Employee AttributesEdit

Atribute Effects
Technology Increases amount of Technology Bubbles


Increases amount of Design Bubbles
Speed Increases bugfixing and increases amount of regeneration during vacation and how quickly staff starts working after returning.
Research Increases amount of Research Bubbles.
Level Staff gain experience and level up. Reaching certain level thresholds unlocks specialization.

Employee attributes effectsEdit

These effects apply to the following activities :

They can however be modified during the course of a game via Training, and are a requirement for mission specialization and domain specialization

Algorithm for finding new employees:Edit

The available Employee properties depend on the Budget size and Office Level

Budget Ratio:

b – Percentage of Budget Slider (range: 0-1)

Office level factor:

e = (0.8 for Office Level 4 or 0.4 for Office Level 1-3) + (0.2 with 5% chance bonus)
is in range 0.4 - 1

Cost for finding Employee:

(2 + 198*(-0.5*b*b*b*b + 3*b*b*b*b - 3.5*b*b*b + 2*b*b -> rounded down) * 10,000
is in range 20,000- 2,000,000

Number of Employees that will be found:

h = [ 2+3*(b+0.2 -> clamped between 0 and 1) ] -> Rounded down
is in range 1 - 5
Slider percentage Search cost Employee count
0% 20,000 2
14% 80,000 3
47% 440,000 4
80% 1,110,000 5

Employee search duration:

Between 1.5 and 3 weeks.

Budget factor:

BF = b/3+(1-b/3)*(random number between 0 and 1)
is in range 0 - 1

Game calculates Tech and Design complements from MinTech/MinDesign Ratios, result in the form of a table:

MinTech MinDesign TechComplement DesComplement
Complex Algorithms 0.6 - 0 0.4
Game Demo 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.4
Showreel - 0.6 0.6 0.4

Game checks whether famous Employee is found:

R1 - first random number between 0 and 1

R2 - second random number between 0 and 1

BF > 0.5 and R1 > 0.5 and R2 > 0.5 - all conditions must be fulfilled

If the Employee is not famous, the game checks whether a famous Employee can be searched for again (Maximum of 2 times)

(b+0.1 - clamped between 0 and 0.7) => (Randomized Number between 1 and 0)

Afterwards, the game generates a Name, Surname, and Sex.

Percentage of chance between Male and Female:
Male Female


85% 15%
Not Famous 75% 25%


C=[(5*L -> rounded down) -> clamped between 1 and 5]

The game then sets up the employees properties:


Quality Factor: L = 0.2 + e * BF - Ranges from 0.2 to 1.2 

Design skill focus: D =  2/5*C*(TechComplement + DesComplement*(Random, between 1 and 0))

Tech skill focus: T =  2/5*C - D

Research skill focus: R = 0.2 + e * R1 

Speed skill focus: S = 0.2 + e * R2 

Efficiency: 0.05

Salary: P = [C * 10000 +/- 20% - RandomValue] (Rounded to the nearest thousand)

Famous: F = R1 > 0.5 && R2 > 0.5 && BF > 0.5

Gender: Dependent upon percentage of chance, found above.

Famous PeopleEdit

Name Gender Area
Bill J. Allen (Paul Allen) Male Tech
Dennis Avelone (Chris Avelone) Male Tech
Arthur Bee Male General
Mick Brash (Michael Abrash) Male Design or Tech
Bill Bright (Will Wright) Male Design
Lucy Broadshaw (Lucy Bradshaw) Female General
Rina Brok Female General
Jennifer Cavanagh Female General
Richard Chariott (Richard Garriott) Male Tech
Jona Chen Male Design
Drew Darpyshyn (Drew Karpyshyn) Male Design
Nathaniel Diaz Male Design
James Di Margiti Male Tech
David Draben (David Braben) Male Design
David Drossman (Craig Crossman) Male Design
Phillip Fesh (Phil Fish) Male General
Michael Fisher Male Design
Kevin Flin (Kevin Flynn) Male General
James E. Garmack (John D. Carmack) Male Tech
Ronny Garmel (Ron Carmel) Male General
Dennis Habbabis (Demis Hassabis) Male General
Heather Hailey (Heather Kelley) Female General
Clinton Harris Male General
Leeroy Jenkins Male General
Arnt Johnson Male General
Laureen Kamo (Maureen Carroll) Female General
Ralph Koster (Raph Koster) Male General
Andres Lamot (Andre LaMothe) Male Design
Beverly Larand Tech
Jane Lean Female General
Jack Long Male General
Allen Low (Al Lowe) Male General
Chris Maley Male General
Migeru Mayomoto (Shigeru Miyamoto) Male Design
Eduard McGillen (Edmund McMillen) Male Design
Sip Meyer (Sid Meier) Male Design or Tech
Hasir Nebelli (Nasir Gebelli) Male Design or Tech
Amy Nenning (Amy Hennig) Female General
Martin Person (Markus Persson) Male Tech
Paul Pres (Paul Frees?) Male General
Peter Polynox (Peter Molyneux) Male Design or Tech
Ron Raglow (Don Daglow) Male Tech
Ricky Rartle (Richard Bartle) Male General
Riana Ratchett (Rhianna Pratchett) Female Design
Paul Reed Male Tech
Tom References (Tommy Refenes) Male Tech or Design
Christian Robertson (Chris Roberts) Male Tech
Eric Robertson Male Tech
Erica Robinson Female General
Tony Rodriguez Male General
Johnny Rome (John Romero) Male Design
Alex Rose Male Tech
Scott Rro Male Design
Tom Schofer (Tim Schafer) Male Tech
Ben Silverman (Ken Silverman) Male Tech
Joe Smodley (John Smedley) Male General
Jerry Sole (Jeremy Soule) Male Tech
Christoph Sowyer (Chris Sawyer) Male Tech
Kyle Stabler (Kyle Gabler) Male General
Markus Stonefeather Male Tech
Mark Torris Male General
Warden Vector (Warren Spector) Male General
Dino Watty Male General
Brenda Wrathbate Female General
Pauline Zobeck Female General

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