Super TES (Super NES)

Company: Ninvento
Best Audience: Young
License Cost: 50K
Development Cost: 60K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y5 M12 W4  Y6 M10 W4  Y7 M12 W4
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y9 M8 W1  Y11 M2 W3  Y13 M1 W2

The Super Tivtento Entertainment System (Super TES) is the second console released in the TES line and the third release by Ninvento. It is preceded in the TES line by the TES, and superceded by the TES 64. Between the release of the Super TES and the TES, Ninvento releases the portable gaming console, Gameling.

The Super TES has a moderate marketshare when it is first released. However, it loses marketshare when Vonny release the Playsystem

The Ninvento's Super TES is Ninvento's second home console, following the Ninvento TES. The console introduced advanced graphics and sound capabilities compared with other consoles at the time. Additionally, development of a variety of enhancement chips (which were integrated on game circuit boards) helped to keep it competitive in the marketplace.


  • Although the Super Nintendo was more popular than most other consoles of its generation, it didn't always have the largest marketshare. After the Sega CD was released, Sega had control of 50% of the console market, even though the Sega CD ended up being a flop.

Technical specificationsEdit

  • CPU: Ricoh 5A22, based on a 16-bit 65c816 core
  • RAM: The console contains 128 kB of DRAM.
  • Video RAM: Contains 64 kB of SRAM for storing video data (VRAM)
  • Sound: The audio subsystem consists of an 8-bit Sony SPC700, a 16-bit DSP, 64 kB of SRAM shared by the two chips, and a 64 byte boot ROM.
  • Resolutions:
    • Progressive: 256 × 224, 512 × 224, 256 × 239, 512 × 239
    • Interlaced: 512 × 448, 512 × 478
  • Total colors: 32768 (15-bit)

Industry NewsEdit

  • "Today, Ninvento announced the much anticipated successor to the popular TES console. 'This is the greatest console we have ever built. It comes with state of the art 16-bit graphics and sound. It is simply super and that's why we decided to call it the Super TES!'. Fans around the world have been waiting for this moment and it seems that they will not be disappointed."