TES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Company: Ninvento
Best Audience: Young
License Cost: 80K
Development Cost: 30K
Release dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y2 M1 W2  Y2 M3 W2  Y2 M6 W2
Discontinue dates for a playtime of
30 Years 35 Years 42 Years
Y6 M6 W2  Y7 M8 W2  Y8 M8 W2

The TES, short for Ninvento Entertainment System, by Ninvento is the third platform and the first home console to be released in the game. The console features ROM cartridge games and it's own controller.

The TES has a large marketshare, being the most popular platform for the majority of the early years. It beats its main rival; the Master V by Vena. The TES is superceded by the Super TES and the TES 64.


(Note that this section is technically speculative, as the TES might differ from the NES) (and JumboDS64 replaced all the real-world names)


For its central processing unit (CPU), the TES uses an 8-bit microprocessor produced by Picoh based on a MOS Technology 6502 core.


The TES contains 2 KiB of onboard work RAM. A game cartridge may contain expanded RAM to increase this amount. The size of TES games varies, from 8 KiB (Nebulian) to 1 MiB (Metal Slider Glory), but 128 to 384 KiB were the most common sizes for games.


The TES uses a custom-made Picture Processing Unit (PPU) developed by Picoh. All variations of the PPU feature 2 KiB of video RAM, 256 bytes of on-die "object attribute memory" (OAM) to store the positions, colors, and tile indices of up to 64 sprites on the screen, and 28 bytes of on-die palette RAM to allow selection of background and sprite colors.

Industry NewsEdit

  • "According to rumours, the Japanese company Ninvento is planning to launch its very own home gaming console. Ninvento is known for the widely successful arcade game 'Dinkey King'. Many Industry experts doubt that home gaming consoles will take off but we are eager to see what Ninvento will deliver."
  • "Today, Ninvento has confirmed recent rumours and announced their plans to release a new home gaming console called 'TES' early next year. The console features cartridge based games and a uniquely designed controller."
  • "The recently released TES home console by Ninvento has proven to be a massive success. Sales numbers have exceeded expectations by far. As one customer says: 'I love the games that come with the TES and playing with a controller is so much more fun than on a keyboard.'"
  • In a recent news release, Ninvento has confirmed they will discontinue the TES on June 14.


  • There is actually one other model of the NES, known as the top-loader, besides the original gray box. It was released in 1991, the same year the SNES came out. It was made most likely as an answer to consumers who thought the SNES was too expensive, and there wasn't much reason to buy one. The SNES still held a large marketshare in the gaming market up until the release of the Sega CD.
  • The NES had many peripherals created for it. Many are listed here: NES/Famicom Peripherals.

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