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In Game Dev Tycoon, there's a variety of things that can be unlocked, such as more offices, features for engines, and ways to generate income. This article lists everything that can be unlocked in Game Dev Tycoon.

Office LevelEdit

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Office Level Available after Max Staff Description
Office Level 1 Start 1 (Manager) Garage
Office Level 2

Garage and 1 M.

5 (Manager + 4 Employees)

After Staff Management training

First Office
Office Level 3 Y11 M6 W2. When you are in Office 2, with two staff as well as 5 M. 5 (Manager + 4 Employees) The building doesn't actually change at that stage. This office upgrade is triggered by the "we should upgrade our PCs" dialogue
Office Level 4 Available after Y13 M9 W2. When you are in Office 3, with 4 staff. You also need 16M. 7 (Manager + 6 Employees) New Building
Hardware Lab After R&D Lab, this is unlocked by having a Technology Specialist. - Own Hardware Lab
R&D Lab Office 4, when you have at least one Design Specialist. - Research and development Lab

Move to new office notification shows again after 5 Months if the conditions are met

Custom Engine FeaturesEdit

See Custom Game Engine page

Special ResearchesEdit

Special Research Researchable after
Target Audience Target Audiences message = Y3 M1 W1
Casual Games Y3 M11 W1
Marketing Y4 M5 W2
Sequels Y8 M6
Multi Genre

Y12 M8

Expansion Pack

MMO researched and MMO Game is on Sale

Multi-Platform Multi-Genre researched, Y17 M2 W4

R&D Lab ResearchesEdit

R&D Lab Research Researchable after Points Use
Custom Hardware

While developing AAA Game (Tech Lab)

500 Generates Hype
Marketing Campaign While developing AAA Game 500 Generates Hype
Internet Opportunities Available on construction of R&D lab 500 Allows Codename: Grid and MMO to be researched
Hardware Lab Available with a Technology Expert 800 Allows construction of a Hardware Lab
MMO Researching Internet Opportunities 800 Allows researching of MMO Support, allowing games to be MMOs.
Codename: Grid Researching Internet Oppurtunities 800 Generates a small amount of money (~200000) every month and increases marketshare of PCs.
Own Convention Available on construction of R&D lab 500 On the next day of G3, holds your own convention instead. Generates more hype than G3.
AAA Games Available after making a Large game with a score of 9.25/10 or higher. 800 Allows making of AAA games.
3D Graphics V6 Available after leveling 3D Graphics V5 up to level 4. 800 Grants access to engine part 3D Graphics V6.
3D Graphics V7 Available after leveling 3D Graphics V6 up to level 4. 1000 Grants access to engine part 3D Graphics V7.