• Huffpuff1337

    This is a small guide on how to earn millions of money in your first few years to really get your company off the ground. First we're gonna need to set some requirements.

    1. A nice wad of cash (250-500k should do).

    2. The Fantasy Topic.

    3. Researched Custom Game Engines.

    4. Researched Target Audience.

    5. Knowledge of the original Legend of Zelda game.

    6. Some common sense.

    7. A save file of where you're currently at.

    So, you've released a few good games (and maybe some bad ones) and you know the basics. Imagine the game in your head, and put it on the game with the guidelines given. The reason you need so much money is because as soon as the Gameling is announced, you're gonna want to pour tons of money into a Custom Game Engine. Not too much mind…

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