Hi. I have watched videos/Let's Plays of Game Dev Tycoon and would love to play it, but I do not have the money. I will not pirate it, and so I have to ask a favor for anyone who has the game. I'd like it if someone could make the following game in-game for me and see the reviews/results. How much does the game make, and how is it received?

Dragons vs. Dinosaurs

A AAA Fantasy RPG for Mature audiences on the Playsystem 4 and mBox One. The graphics used are the highest 3D graphics available to you, with orchestral soundtrack and surround sound. It should have advanced cutscenes, immersive story telling and reactive quests, with advanced physics and the ability to save. Skill trees are part of the gameplay, with voice overs and advanced body language. The world design should be Open World, with a day & night cycle, rich backstory, realistic weather and virtual economy. The artificial intelligence shall have better A.I. and A.I. companions. Obviously, this game will be very expensive, so hype it up at a convention to increase sales. As for time allocation, do what is best for RPGs.

Not relevant in-game, but relevant to my imagination, this game would be set in a world called Sauriana, where humans and dinosaurs co-exist. After thousands of years of peaceful co-existence, a race of dragons has come to destroy this world, and the protagonist is tasked with stopping this from happening. The most unique feature of the game is the ability to tame and ride carnivorous dinosaurs and use them to fight dragons, much like hunting dogs.

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