Vena Corporation (Sega)

  • Video games
  • Arcade games
  • Third party publisher
Founded:  Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Year of founding:  1940
Headquarters:  Ōta, Tokyo, Japan

Vena Corporation also known as just, VENA, is a Japanese multinational video game software developer, arcade software, and hardware development company headquartered in Japan, with various offices around the world.

Game consolesEdit


  • The only major Sega console with no in-game equivalent is the Sega Saturn. This is most likely because it did not perform well and was quickly replaced. Other, minor consoles absent from the game include the SG-1000 and the Genesis Nomad.
  • Vena is the first competitor of Ninvento.
  • Vena is the stand-in for Sega in real life.

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