Virutal System is a gaming service by Ninvento for use on the Nuu and Wuu gaming systems. In order to make Virtual System games, you must pick a game from the past to release to Virtual System. Then you can continue making Virtual System games! Games for the Virtual System come from games originally released for the TESSuper TESTES 64Master V, Vena Oasis, TurboSprite-16, Neon Geon, Govodore G64, TSX (Japan only), Virtual System Arcade, Game Sphere and the GS. All Nuu Virtual System games can be transferred to the Wuu and played via its Nuu mode. 


Control for Nuu Virtual System gamesEdit

Virtual System games can be played using the different controllers. The Nuu Remote itself (turned on its side) can be used for TES, Master V, TurboSprite-16 and some Vena Oasis and Neon Geon games. The Classic Controller and the Classic Controller Pro (sold seperately from the console) can be used for all Virtual System games. Controllers from the Game Sphere can also be used for all Virtual System games, except for some TurboSprite-16 games. As a result of this, the wireless Game Sphere controller has ceased functionality. 

All Virtual System games have the buttons mapped to their respective controllers; however, sometimes users can use X and Y instead of A and B, if the original controller does not have X and Y (for example the TES). In some games, like Super TES games and TES 64, the Classic Controller and the Game Sphere controller can be used. TES 64 titles that originally provided force feedback via the TES 64 controller's Rumble Pak accessory however, are not supported by the built in "Rumble" feature of the Game Sphere controller. 

The button mapping has become the rage of concern, however. The button mapping is rigid and is not customizable. Because of this, many games are difficult to play. All Neon Geon fighting games have very awkward control schemes and glitches when changed to Game Sphere controllers. Currently, all Wuu Virtual system games support customizable button mappings.


  • Virtual System is based on Virtual Console by Nintendo in real life.

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